Thursday, June 7, 2018

Super Thursday Presents: "Schoolgirl Spectacular 2"

As promised, this is part 2 of my end of the school year schoolgirl spectacular series. These photos display the many schoolgirl outfits and role-play sessions that we enjoy all themed around the naughty schoolgirl. :)

The End


Anonymous said...

"We need to talk"...ha-ha
Love that Veronica...The End :-)

Oh my ! Last photo is just sooo you OFG Veronica ! Throughout this amazing Blog.
Is father Tony fetching his strap ? Will you be bending over that chair for some more bottom-roastin' attitude adjustin' ?

"We need to talk" - for sure, a father's belt across a bare backside was a fate that befell many of my girlfriends in our Church group back in the 1960s. I actually witnessed spankings of my friends and moreover heard the sound of leather on bare-skinned behinds emanating from open windows in our neighborhood. And very loud, sorry princess-wailing and blubber-crying already !

Veronica, you know that the dreaded and well-used "botty smacker" in our house n Atlanta was not the belt; but we gotten the cane, aka the Southern switch. Applied to sister and me by mommy in our living room. And only applied to our bare botties too, naturally :-(
... as was strongly advocated by the Church's unanimous "rod supporting" folk !!

As you know Veronica, I will have you keep your hands on your head while I scold you, prior to taking the lily-white skin off your backside with my trusty, lil' spanky-stick !
I am joking young lady - the maternal whipping ("tickle-tail") is harmless, salutary and administered with complete love and care.
It's just normal, Ol' fashioned mommy-approved "Skincare" for the soft-surfaced, velvety botties of naughty lil' brats. Tried and tested TLC for naughty bottoms, Veronica !

For more mother/daughter evidence, check-out Momma Spankings right now: "Alice Spanked to Tears".
Kind, considerate mommy, Miss Elizabeth, tans her daughter's bare, white bottom good and proper with the hairbrush.
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Dave Wolfe said...

Oh, those are lovely, entertaining and winsome, Veronica! Thank you very much!!

Anonymous said...

You sure know you have great legs. The short skirt and white socks make a stunning combo.

Anonymous said...

Gulp!!! The sight of those bare legs makes me whimper with frustration.

OldFashionGirl said...

@Anonymous: I guess you need to relief some of that frustration.. poor baby. xo