Thursday, June 28, 2018

Super Thursday Present's: "Summertime Caper"


Anonymous said...

Awesome ha-ha..

There are two types of hornets nest, Veronica !!

...Beware Summer hazards for sensitive-skinned,tender bottomed girls !

Oh my ! How wonderful ?! Where do you find all these gems Veronica. I am still recovering already from your May 31 post featuring Zekel's mommy daughter cartoon !
Good to see father/hubby John being a strict Ol' stickler for family values on this one today. What a hero :-)
You sure need to watch out this Summer Veronica, you naughty girl !

Oh my ! It is always summer in Georgia Veronica...and Texas too :-)
Why are summer spankings so prominent and fabulous eh ?!....must be the tan-lines already ;-)

Growing up in the 1960s there were two main hazards my sister and I faced already as fairest-skinned, tender lil' girls. One outdoor hazard and one indoor hazard.

The first was sun burn outdoors in Georgia, especially in our swim suits. Mother was very ahead of her time on health and safety regarding sun exposure. We had sun cream and were not allowed out for too long. As you know, our childhoods were very strictly rule-bound. But based on kindness and practical thinking from mother. Oh my !!

The second hazard was indoors - when we gotten naughty - a mother's chastisement in the living room, aka "botty burn" ! With our swimsuits pulled down for a switching from mom. Oh my ! Sure reddened the lily-white, botty-skin bad style. As you know Veronica, we called her rattan cane in the cupboard "the hornets nest"...rather apt given this cartoon today.

Naturally, mom knew and we daughters both knew that sun burn was harmful but botty burn was actually harmless...but salutary. And necessary in truth !!
Both these hazards were best avoided, but both were hard to avoid growing up in Georgia back in the 1960s !!

Hi Tim, Summer spankings already ? ;-)

Naughty Lil' Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

The chap was mean to spank the girls ,their botties were sore already youch ,yes Brenda weather here,best spanks V . and yourself from your Eglish pal Tim x