Sunday, July 22, 2018

Can't sit down Sunday :(


Anonymous said...

eronica , the photos aren t showing ,best spanks ,Tim.Veronica.

Anonymous said...

Ah , the photos have come up now V. best spanks Tim x

Anonymous said...

Potty Mouthy equals Sore Botty - Humbling is necessary. Humiliation must never happen.

Veronica, when you throw a potty-mouthed tantrum in public, say at Church or in the mall, or at a summer party; I sure hope Papi Tony humbled you as a naughty lil' girl before pronouncing the appropriate sentence that you will receive ?

"Right now I'm gonna take Lil' Miss Veronica home for a good, hard spanking already ! Over my knee, with your panties pulled down, so that you will feel it stinging proper on a bare backside, young lady. Lessons are best learned over a bare bottom".

Spanking with love means humbling...but never humiliation. And the good, Ol' Southern States of America have wonderful cute but strict scolding and humbling narratives, cultures and contexts going back to the 1950s already. I should know- I gotten on the receiving end as a child in the early 1960s !

Maybe Tony will spank your bare bottom in public Veronica, like you gotten growing up ?
With my hubby and out with my girlfriends, I always try to get spanking into the conversation. I find it fun and compelling, Veronica. CP has always been present in my life as a daughter, as a mother of two daughters, and as a loving wife. I will be sixty next year.

My childhood spankings gotten to experience lots of humbling and scolding from my Mother's staunch Christian family values and "spare the rod spoil the child" beliefs.
I never once gotten humiliated by my mother even though she spanked my bare white hiney with the cane countless times. She always punished in a loving fashion. And I have always thanked her for her Southern care and nurturing.

From early childhood I was scared but compelled to see my lil' sister gotten whooped. Seeing her face as mom humbled and scolded her. Seeing the cane on the sofa. And I always gotten to stand behind my sister to see the panties come down to her pudgy knees and the tender, bare, alabaster-white botty reveal.

My mom and other moms talked about spankings at coffee mornings, at Church....everywhere. This was a normal part of the spanking and humbling culture of my 1960s childhood. I never gotten spanked in public or in front of friends but I saw my friends get their bare backsides whooped at home and in the park. We girls were all part of a Church group "princess gang". The moms were very strict !

Naturally as a mother myself, blessed with two daughters in the 1980s, I copied my own mother's humbling and scolding routines and techniques with my girls - when passing sentence, having prior scolding words and baring their seats for punishment at home (always in private).
My daughters thank me already. They are married, successful in their early 30s.
Humbling is essential. But humiliation must never happen. Big difference!
Hugs, Veronica.
Strict Mom Brenda xx