Friday, July 6, 2018

Friday's Spankable

Girls of Summer...

A flirtatious wife poolside is a recipe for a spanking!

Daddy's lil' girl may be all grown up but not too old for a spanking!

These two cousins got into mischief while on vacation... time for the strap!

Skinny dipping.. Oh My!!!! Spanking time!

Vanessa shows off some bruising from yesterdays spanking for nude sunbathing, she needs another reminder.

Smile and have a spanktastic summer..:)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Summer spankings already Veronica :-)
Why are they so special eh ?

Oh my ! Just look at that lovely Southern Belle number one. Pretty in pink. And a big, chubby, cutey alabaster-white botty after my own heart. Sooooo love the pink Stetson. Ooooh nice !
She's a gorgeous Southern gal - I wonder if that fairest botty gotten tanned with the flexible Georgia switch by her mother when she was growing up at home, Veronica ?...just like myself and my lil' sis gotten in childhood. I sure hope so. Love the arty-pinky combination in the lovely cool pool.

I actually always wear retro-1950s swimsuit bottoms Veronica. So I can keep the sun off my snow white ass. Tan-lines have always been my (valuable ha-ha) trademark already. I am 60 next year so I do naturally feel even more retro already ! My hubby loves my big, white bum....but he also sure likes the bare faced cheek of girl number one on the lilo !.....where is my stingy flip-flop Veronica ?

Yes, my favorite is tan lines number 4. Oh my! The soft-skinned place provided for punishment is clearly defined for daddy's strap Veronica. Just as it was while she was being strictly raised at home back in the day. And now she's never too old for strict, Ol' fashioned domestic discipline !

I have possessed very pronounced tan lines (and a cotton white hiney) all my life Veronica - it's a Southern thing. Sure provided a clearly delineated, tender-skinned, white target for my mother's cane back in 1960s Georgia :-(
Harsh times of yore for sure.

Love the retro-aspect. And total spanking associations. All the girls in my Church Group had tan lines way back in the day. But are tan lines are a disappearing trait already, eh Veronica ?
Very much a 1950s thing ?
Hi Tim, Summer spankings ?
Have a good weekend y'all :-)
Strict Retro-Mommy Brenda xx