Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday's Spankable

Girls of summer...

Flirty wives with short shorts and no bra!!!

"My daddy spanked me last night for partying too hard!" :)

Vacation is also spanking time.. :)

Waiting for daddy back at the hotel room.

After a day at the beach she's now ready to paint the town red.... her bottom will be painted red too!

Thinks she looks cute in her booty shorts... what should a father do?

Another snapshot back at the hotel...:)

Smile and have a wonderful summer..xoxo


Anonymous said...

Summer spankings, our girly tan lines. Oh my ! So compelling already !
Girl number 2 - sun burn is bad, Veronica. But botty burn is good :-)
Too much sun on sensitive bare skin is harmful already. But Papi's strap on sensitive bare hiney skin is harmless !
A lesson is learned.

Cutey-booty, white-shorts princess number 6 and Bootyliscious number 7. Oh my ! Those two smart phone girls sure gotten smart bottoms growing up, Veronica. They felt the sting of their father's Southern, leather strap across their bare asses when they deserved it back in the day.
"Awe sure tore our asses up dad !"

Veronica, check out right now.
Oh my ! Lovely traditional mommy, Miss Elizabeth, says

" I raised you to be a good girl. Now you need to learn to behave like one".

How wonderful. Poor, naughty, lil daughter, Harley Havik, gets her chubby-smooth, alabaster-whte botty bared for mommy-approved chastisement with the wooden hairbrush.

Lil' Missy Harley H sure is the most familiar, naughty lil' brat next door. Her soft, white botty is a most compelling "seat of learning", as we have all witnessed in Strictmoor Academy, where those redoubtable, lovely mommies, Tasha Lee and Miss Anna have given Harley's fairest-bare, velvety-skinned backside the maternal justice so needed already !

Have a spanktastic weekend and Summer, Veronica. Keep on smiling ! :-)
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Veronica in this lovely Summer weather young girls are in lighter clothes and the parents are watching they behave well or else ,best spanks , Tim ,hello Brenda.