Monday, July 9, 2018

How I love my red ass! :)


Mike P said...

I love your cute adorable red ass your well spanked red ass you not only one who love your adorable red ass. do you feel good with red ass bet u cant take hands off your butt you have keep touchin moanin and smiling you big beautiful smile

Anonymous said...

I have a dream of seeing a Ginger root stuck between those naughty red cheeks <3

Anonymous said...

"Mirror Mirror on the wall, who gotten the reddest botty of them all ?"
What a lovely scene Veronica. Why do we naughty lil' princess-brats always look at our red bums in the mirror after a spanking ?
It is a sign that justice gotten served. And an acknowledgement that we gotten taught the difference between right and wrong.

My sister and me usually gotten sent to our rooms after a whuppin' in our childhoods. And Oh my ! Yes, for sure we looked at our red-skinned botties in the mirror. It was a rite of passage for naughty daughters back in the 1960s. And today too Veronica ? Quite right too !
Great photo already !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Those athletic socks looks great on you. Nice legs and a pert bottom.