Wednesday, July 11, 2018

More "GREAT" art!

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Anonymous said...

House Rule of not "Sparing The Rod" - A bare botty sure is required for both bath times and mother's chastisement, Veronica. As you well know.

Lovely picture. Oh my !

And let us be clear, no sensitive-skinned, alabaster-white hinies gotten harmed in the raising of this daughter, Veronica.

An unbearable, stinging backside is harmless and salutary. It sure licked me into shape, Veronica. And being late-1950s born, it was a simple fact of life for me growing up in Georgia. It was a normal domestic hazard when we princesses gotten bad. Absolutely right too !! And still is for me today when my hubby says I have been naughty. All too often :-)

That sure is lil' Ol' me across my mom's knee in 1965. With my cutey-blue, conservative Southern Belle dress and voluminous, cotton-white 1950s underwear duly adjusted for the "rod of correction"...aka, the botty burn...aka, the "hornets nest". For my lil' sisiter and me, our strict, religious mother actually used a rattan switch on bare bums, not her kind hand :-(

What a lovely drawing this is, Veronica. This lil' one will one day, thank her kind mommy for Spanking With Love. As my own two daughters, now in their 30s, will strongly agree !!
This mommy says CP is good PC is bad.
Hugs and spanks.
Strict Mommy Brenda xx