Saturday, July 21, 2018

Saturday morning cartoons...

 ... and the Sunday funnies. :)


Anonymous said...

Aunt Sally, two naughty nieces and their misbehaving panties.
Animation one is sooooo cute Veronica. Delightful.
Love the arm hold. Aunty means business. But does she ? It seems the panties misbehaved already Veronica ?

Brings back memories of sister and me at home in 1960s Georgia. Oh my ! Mommy fetched the rattan switch but our cotton white underwear always gotten pulled down to our knees, exposing the sensitive, alabaster-white skin on our chubby behinds for a mothers chastisement. Harsh but fair. Harmless but salutary. Our botties sure did sting to high heaven. That was the idea :-(

Soooo love naughty brat number 4. Barky is too cute already on CP drawings. Mommy unfastened her daughter's poppers and let her dungarees fall back down. Then a lil' pair of cotton panties followed down to her knees, despite the brat's loud protests.

Mommy then bent her naughty daughter over the sofa and applied the leather strap to the lily white skin on her bare backside...good n hard. A well spanked bottom, young lady !

Mommy then pulled up the panties over a scarlet botty. Refastened her daughter 's dungarees n poppers. And sent her to help with home-making chores.
What a lovely, kind, strict superhero mommy she is, Veronica.
Hugs xx
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

jimc said...

i really enjoy almost all of these ( i am a girl spanker so the boy spanking does not appeal to me). The french one is one of my favorites, but it is confusing as it does appear that she asks for the spanking and then it seems that she gets mad at him for spanking her. I really wish someone would translate it. Thanks for posting the whole comic as i had seen it, but this scan is so much better. I love the animated ones and you really have found quite a trove of great spankings. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Aunty spanks her nieces for sneaking on each other ,best spanks V, hello Brenda from Tim .

Anonymous said...

Lessons are best learned over a bare bottom, cartoon one - the panties up or down debate does not exist, Veronica !

The first Glory Bee cartoon is sooooo cute already. But the panties in-situ is big disappointment.

This detailed cartoon reminds me of a very funny, cute and powerful image and memory from my childhood. When I saw my sister spanked regularly as a child by mother I found it scary, sad but also exciting. Quite compelling ! When she gotten the wooden spoon or the cane (from age 8) across mom's knee or the sofa like this naughty niece here, it looked like my sister was wearing her tradeark 1950s, dazzling white cotton panties at the start of for her punishment already. We both always wore those conservative, large white underwear typical of conservative and religious families in the early 1960s.

But in actual fact Veronica, my sister's poor botty was completely bare already ! It was just an illusion. And mom always pulled down our underwear and only ever caned us on bare skin :-( ...harmless but very nasty. Appropriate too - a spanking is supposed to hurt !

To explain the illusion - my young lil' sister had such stark, defined tan lines and the velvety skin on her botty was softer and whiter than cotton....we used to say "alabaster-white"; that it looked like she actually gotten a pair of panties on ha-ha. A second, closer glance showed her round, chubby bare bottom in full with her panties hugging her knees in forlorn defiance ...(we were stocky, sporty, outdoor cheerleading girls with chubby bums, and very fair-skinned bums already, thanks to those large 1950s two-piece swimsuit bottoms!).

We so were the 1960s Lil' Miss Coppertone Girls with our fairest-pale, pudgy backsides. Naturally the skin on my sister's poor botty rapidly turned red with her switching- the panties were just a mirage.

My hubby sometimes says I am a bit obsessive about panties down for spanking, Veronica. Oh my ! This makes me cross, Veronica. My hubby is a huge spanko and keenest bottoms man, but he never really understood domestic CP. He was not spanked in his childhood (he is from the North West) whereas I experienced a very different (normal !!) Southern strict, Christian childhood and my mother whipped my bare bum with that darn cane when I was only eight years' old !

Moreover I was the "bad cop mommy" who disciplined our on two daughters (born mid 1980s) My hubby was not a disciplinarian. I was very strict and they gotten CP with the rubber spatula and the rattan switch and on their bare behinds without exception too Veronica !...never any need to spank over panties like this first drawing. Decades on, my daughters thank me for my strict methods which I am happy about. They support CP.

Strict Mommy Retro- Brenda xx