Saturday, July 28, 2018

Saturday morning cartoons...

 ... and the Sunday funnies. :)

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Anonymous said...

An unbearable stinging bottom is harmless and salutary, Veronica - but, Oh my ! Spanking number 3 looks soooo dangerous already ? :-)

What is mommy doing ? She is so crazy already. Her naughty lil' daughter is sooo worried. Does she fear the mommy-approved hornets nest on a sensitive, bare, hiney or simply falling to her death ? :-)

Love the position of naughty daughter across mom's knee: very traditional and conservative, with green skirt hoisted and white cotton panties pulled down to reveal the fairest, tender target for a mother's chastisement. Love the formal socks pulled up too. And a red botty already !
Is this skyscraper scene a play on King Kong, Veronica ?

Love animation 4. Oh my ! This lovely mommy is fierce but administering her duty of care (after my own heart, and as my own two strictly-raised, now grown-up daughters will verify Veronica !) .

Animation shows a necessary, good bare botty smacking taking place in the appropriate manner over mother's knee. Mommy is scolding. but her punished daughter cannot hear as she focuses on the swarm of bees attacking her bare backside. The message sure gotten through, Veronica. I soooo approve.

"Fresh Never Frozen Beef", number 7 - Oh my ! That is my lil' sister in 1969 after a good switching from our mother on the sofa. Dress raised, panties down, bare bottom whoopings were routine and normal in our childhood.

The thin, rattan cane aka the switch, aka the hornets nest, lived in the downstairs cupboard and was not spared by our religious mother. Corporal punishment on the bare skin of our bottoms was just a fact of life growing up in Georgia.

And now back to cartoon number 2 already - just love these simple, cute, traditional and conservative, domestic scenes Veronica. I am used to them all my life !!

A loving, strict, caring, normal mommy spanks her naughty daughter with love on the place provided by God and Nature. A well-padded, chubby, safe place, covered in fairy-soft, sensitive, vulnerable skin and smacked hard across the maternal knee in its unprotected, naked state, naturally ! CP good, PC bad Veronica ! The stinging, red botty means justice gotten served right here, right now. Exactly as it should be !

Wonderful bunch of drawings, thank you Veronica :-)
Strict Mommy Brenda xx