Thursday, July 12, 2018

Super Thursday Presents: "3D Spanking"

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Anonymous said...

Lovely series Veronica.
Love the second from last. What a lovely sore, red, stinging botty eh ?
Mommy sure has dropped the hornets nest safely and effectively. Justice gotten served on sensitive bare skin in a harmless, salutary fashion. No-nonsense.

Oh my ! I recall staunch PC moms talking about groundings v spankings in the 1980s and 90s, Veronica. PC versus CP.

They were not impressed with my ways already. "What, you actually spank your girls Brenda ? ...Actually, like, On their bare bottoms ??!!!!.....with a rattan switch !!!!"

I think this drawing shows the results of loving discipline, and that lessons are best learned over a bare sensitive botty. That's how my mother always punished me as a child...and with her whippy cane already . That was the punishment. Like mother like daughter, Veronica. It was supposed to be punishment not a small tickle-tail. On the bare skin be it good n sound !!

Heaven forbid those PC moms' snowflake daughters ever gotten their underwear lowered and the fairy-soft skin on their tender botties exposed and soundly spanked by their parents when they were naughty lil' princess brats !
Heaven forbid Veronica !
My daughters are in their early 30s and thank me already for my traditional, strict, loving maternal ways.
Strict Mom Brenda xx