Thursday, July 5, 2018

Super Thursday Presents: "Caught By Mom"

Young Rita is home alone with her naughty thoughts and decides that the living room is an appropiate place for her wandering hands. Her old-fashioned mother catches Rita in the act and a sound spanking brings Rita to new ecstasy!

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Anonymous said...

She looks a strict, loving no-nonsense mommy, Veronica. But there does seem to be some nonsense already ;-)
Oh my ! I would rather she fetched the switch and just gotten on with reddening her bare backside !

Elsewhere..."I will do as I feel I need to do as your mother" - wonderful, kind, caring but strict words from that loving, traditional mommy, Miss Anna, as she spanks her naughty daughter over her knee, on Uncle Bobs Woodshed,

Mommy pulls down her panties in the traditional manner for maternal chastisement. A defiant daughter pushes mommy way too far and feels the strap leathering her bare botty in the well-deserved, salutary fashion. No half-measures from the fabulous, redoubtable Miss Anna.

And Oh my, Veronica. See Strictmoor Academy Summer Spankings Scene Two this week on Sarah Gregory Spanking. Stern, caring mother Samantha B does the spanking and the narrating in a very formal, Southern style - with strict family values: "the promised introductory meeting of her bottom and my hand". Miss Elizabeth watches on...quality control :-) Oh my !

Soooo love the iconic Strictmoor baring process, Veronica. Hands on Head, chubby bum facing the camera and panties pulled down to knees ! That "moment of truth" aka breeze on the quivering, bare botty moment brings very powerful memories of my childhood spanking. That was my mom's exact baring technique already. Watched my lil' sister gotten whuppin's aplenty !

Especially on this trailer for Elori Stix (hands on head) and her maroon panties pulled down by Mrs Frobisher to expose her chubby, alabaster-white hiney ...a trembling surface uncovered for the swarm of bees treatment !
Hi Tim, all swell already ?
Strict Mommy Brenda xx