Thursday, July 26, 2018

Super Thursday Present's: "Spanked On Vacation"

Like many of you I too took a little vacation to a beach town for some fun in the sun and margaritas at night. One night in particular we met two guys who we befriended since they too live in Texas. We invited them to dinner but I drank one to many margaritas and suddenly I became very indignant with hubby. Tony gave me that look but continued his conversation with our newly found friends. The two guys we'll call them Jake and Josh were staying at the hotel next to us so Tony had invited them to our hotel room for some cocktails on the balcony. Once back in our room Tony, Jake and Josh all went out into the balcony and began chatting some more. About ten minutes had past when Tony realized that I was still in the room instead of entertaining our guest in the balcony. Tony stepped out of the balcony to confront me. "What's wrong Veronica" he asked? "Nothing, I just don't feel like chatting the night away, you should of left those two idiots back at the restaurant" I replied. Tony looked right into my eyes and said in a quiet tone "young lady, if you don't march out there and be more hospitable I will sit on this couch, turn you over my lap and give you a damn good bare bottom spanking. Is that what you want Veronica?" My eyes looked towards the balcony and I saw our two guest sitting only 5 feet away and I know that if I gave the wrong answer Tony would spank me right here and now. I also know that Jake and Josh would absolutely see me get a bare bottom spanking since the balcony curtain was drawn. I became embarrassed yet excited at the same time and my reply to Tony was "Go fuck yourself, you're not the boss of me!!!" So you know what happened next... Right? During my lovely over-the-knee bare bottom hand-spanking my eyes would make contact with Jake and Josh, I saw the grins on their faces and know that they approved of Tony's neanderthal handling of me, they are Texans after all....  We met them for lunch the next day and I apologized for my behavior. They never mentioned the spanking but did ask if I wanted a pillow to sit on.

The ocean from our balcony. :)

Tony stepped out of the balcony and into the room to confront me.

In typical Veronica fashion I just sat there and pouted.:(

Tony lectured me and threatened a spanking in my immediate future.

If I gave the wrong reply Tony will spank me and knowing that Jake and Josh were only sitting 5 feet away they would witness my naughty girl punishment. 

I gave the wrong reply... You know I would.

Panties on...

Panties off..

Tony points towards Jake and Josh and yells "now they too can watch your bare bottom turn red.... BRAT!"

Tony slapped my ass hard!!!!!!!!!!!

My ass was on fire and I loved every minute of it..:)

How Jake and Josh saw my spanking from a voyeur approach while siting out in the balcony.

I kicked off my shorts and sobbed "I'll be a good girl."

But he just kept spanking me. :(

After my spanking Tony had me sit on my sore bottom and think about my behavior.

The next day I was a happy girl sporting a sore bottom, Tony took this picture of me on the balcony. Jake and Josh are the two guys talking on the ground behind me. We met them for lunch and I was a respectful young lady...for now. :)


Anonymous said...

Bad rudeness means sound spanks young lady,best spanks , Tim , hello Brenda .

Pygophilous1 said...

Epic hot!!

Anonymous said...

That. Was. Awesome.


Anonymous said...

Sooooo fabulous Veronica. You are so gorgeous and lush young lady !!

Fist, I so love that last photo of you on the balcony. You look so beautiful and lovely. Terrific photo !

Second, I also love that first photo, what a glorious Ocean holiday view. Sure hope you had a fun time, Veronica.

Third, now....let's talk about your botty-bots, Veronica ! I absolutely adore those cutey, black shorts. Your botty looks so snuggy in those shorts. Plumply swelling and all cozy in that tight-fitting, lush, black fabric across Tony's knee. Oh my ! I sure would like some of those shorts for my own big, bouncing ass ! Would look good down the gym :-)

And then...Oh my ! One of my favorite photos on your Blog. That wonderful photo entitled "Tony points towards Jake and Josh and yells". Oh my ! Isn't that just the strictest, cutest naughty lil' daughter across father's knee gonna get a spanking !! :-)
Sound Spanked botties (in their bare state) endure the test of domestic time, crime and punishment Veronica. CP good, PC bad

So modern and stylish, yet so strict and Ol' fashioned. It really captures the essence of corporal punishment in the Papa/daughter genre. Father Tony is pointing to family and friends (who are scared, intrigued and excited already !!) and also yelling "just you see how my naughty lil' daughter, Veronica, gets her hide tanned already. Who needs time-outs eh ?!! Yes, I'm gonna skin your tender backside my girl ".

So stern, traditional and no-nonsense is this sequence. Exactly as it should be, Veronica. And as a strict, loving 1980s/90s mother myself, who raised two daughters with CP, I am more than used to that philosophy and advocacy. It was very firm and fair for my girls - lessons are best learned over a bare bottom, Veronica, as you know. And likewise, it was very firm and fair for me too as a child in the 1960s.
Wonderful sequence this, in so many ways.
Strict Mommy Brenda xx