Monday, August 20, 2018

Before the internet there was...


Mike P said...

last pic you post is lovely sweet but naughty Jennifer Brooks getting spanking one of many hard spankinfg i think from nu west or leda video one of Jameison women is giving ms brook the spanking of her life sadly miss Jennifer brooks retired and close her company

Anonymous said...

Oh my these are wonderful...Christmas comes early for me, lol!

Ms. Ash

Anonymous said...

Oh my ! Oh my ! Oh my ! Truly wonderful, Veronica.
Before the internet here was no PC ! But there sure was CP for naughty daughters at home...and strict moms (and dads) who spanked for Georgia and America ! Gulp. That was my childhood, period !

Lessons are best learned over a bare bottom. Strict mommies know best Veronica. They are Kind, caring but stern. Showing they care - whooping soundly on the bare !!

My mother spanked with love. But she was ferocious as well as a kind. She whipped our bare bums with a thin, rattan cane. In the living room. Hands on heads, shorts and panties to knees. Tender, pale botties all bare and exposed. And then the terrible cane, "the Southern switch". Gulp !

Life was traumatic for me and my lil' sister when we misbehaved. Our mom believed that "spare the rod spoil the child" was the most important mantra of all her religious beliefs and family values. That was the 1960s, Veronica. But by the late 1970s, I was a pinky-punky-rebellious-brat of a student at College already. I had escaped my mother's CP and rules. I discovered boys. They loved my big, alabaster white botty. And I discovered these magazines.
I was addicted to them, especially to the mother/daughter and aunt/niece scenes. Exactly as I gotten as a child growing up at home in Atlanta !

In the early 1980s I statrted my career at a big Corp. Nu West's "Debbie and her Mother" CP scenes in the magazines (and videos) accurately reflected my own childhood whippings from my mom. I was mesmerized to discover that Debbie's strict mommy Margot was actually her real-life mother ! And that the bare bottom spankings on Nu West were just a recreation of a mother's kind but necessary chastisement of a daughter growing up.

The Nu West films were a fabulous, forerunner to today's Momma Spankings and Strictmoor Academy. Sarah Gregory's wonderful genre of domestic, corporal punishment with such realistic quality is a continuation of the narratives and visuals shown in the four photos here.

Veronica, are these firm, fair, four mommies here representing Miss Elizabeth, Dana Specht, Miss Anna and Tasha Lee already ? Punishing naughty daughters in the appropriate fashion - spanking with love !

Tasha Lee aka Mrs Cooper deserves an Oscar for her performances in Strictmoor Academy Years 1 and 2. Watch them again Veronica ? I get very powerful flashbacks to my childhood because Mrs Cooper is like my conservative, religious Southern mom back in the 1960s already. Oh my ! She tells the girls to put their hands on their hands (especially naughty daughter Harley Havik) and then pulls down their knickers to their knees, to show us viewers the "alabaster-white botty reveal" - "the moment of truth."

I get goosebumps because my mom used that same technique on my sister and me when we gotten whooped with the cane in the living room - hands on our pretty lil' heads, 1950s white cotton panties pulled down. Bend a naughty bare botty over the knee or sofa. It wasn't the panties that misbehvaed just our own sensitive skin deservedly whipped on our hinies !!! Boo-Hoo ! :-(

Check out also, Strictmoor "Spring Break Spankings Scene 2- Mrs Cooper in a lovely pink. Linny and Harley with their whitest, cotton underwear and their pudgy-soft, trembling, whiter-than-white botties revealed and unprotected for mommy-approved punishment.

And then Spring Break Scene 4 Veronica, when Mrs Cooper punishes her own real-life daughter Angel Lee. Again powerful Veronica - bum facing the camera , maroon knickers down, and a chubby, fairest-skinned, soft botty revealed for salutary discipline over the real-life, maternal knee. Exactly as it was for Angel as a child back in the day over her mother, Tasha's, knee. Oh my ! Like a modern Debbie and Margot scene from Nu West. A re-mastering on my own childhood on film !
Love these photos especially that black n white one. Nice white bum. Mom means kind, caring but firm business !
Thanks Veronica.

Nostalgic Naughty Lil' Brenda xx