Tuesday, August 7, 2018

It's Spank-a-Brunette day!!!

If that's the case I'm in big trouble too... LOL!

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Anonymous said...

Spare the Rod Spoil the Brunette ?
Are you a naughty brunette Veronica ? Or are you a just a naughty lil' girl who needs her panties pulled down for a good bare bottom spanking over father's knee - both as a naughty child and as a naughty grown-up !
You're never too old veronica :-)

Spanking is not just for brunettes Veronica :-)
I am 60 next year and as you know I am more fair than brunette, with a sun tan and a huge gym-toned bum that is whiter than the whitest alabaster and softer than cotton. And when I am bad (and when I am good already. Oh my ! ha-ha) my hubby will whoop my bare ass just like my mother used to when I was a naughty child. In the early 1960s I gotten raised in a strict, loving Christian household and mom's guiding light was "spare the rod spoil the child". She knew how to deal with naughty lil' princess brats, veronica.

When I was a big bad girl of only eight years (Oh my ! A tender lil' princess) mommy bought a nasty lil' cane for my bare botty ! She found me and my lil' sister a handful...so she needed a lil' helper to punish her daughters. Oh my ! Gulp !

It was the "rod of correction" (strongly advocated by the Church Pastor and all the Church folk) aka the flexible switch aka "the hornets nest" - as me and sister gotten to call it because of its terrible sting on a bare bum :-(
The most feared thing as a lil' girl was for my mom to say "Brenda, your backside needs a switching". Out came the lil' cane from the cupoard and down came my 1950s white cotton panties to my knees :-(
I had to bend over he sofa for my whuppin'.

A bare botty spanking with the switch was real nasty Veronica but completely harmless already - that was to be my punishment throughout my childhood. It sure worked and as you know Veronica, I raised my own two daughters (now in their 30s) with this same rattan, spanky-stick on their bare backsides when they deserved it in the early 1990s. The " seat of learning" and Southern family values endure !

At College in the 1970s, I asked my boyfriends to spank me. And naturally my hubby keeps me a good girl with that cane
already today ! I so love all the retro-stuff from the 1950s and 60s and 70s...the golden age of the well-smacked bottom at home.
Hugs, thanks and spanks
Strict Mommy Brenda xx