Wednesday, August 8, 2018

More "GREAT" art!

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Anonymous said...

Botties on show...Lily white to cherry red - strict mommies know best, Veronica !

This is too cute veronica ? Mommy is pleased with the salutary sting she has created on her bad daughter's botty. But there sure is a way to go ? The naughty lil' missy looks worried - she knows the mommy-approved hornets net gonna arrive soon.

Veronica, we so love the details and deeper, philosophical narratives of spanking art. Oh my ! I sooooo love the way mom has carefully unfastened the poppers on her daughter's dungarees and allowed them to fall away already. This leaves the lil' cotton panties as the only line of defence covering sensitive bare skin.

But mom is a strict, loving traditionalist and pulls down the panties for appropriate, bare bottom punishment. Nooooo ! And just as I gotten it good n sound on bare skin as a child, Veronica. And exactly as I administered a spanking as a 1980s mom myself (punishing my daughters with the rubber spatula on their bare seats).

This lovely, cute and conservative, unfastening of poppers on a naughty girl's dungarees to allow for the preparing/uncovering of the seat of learning, is what I call "The Zekel baring technique", Veronica... and after that unique, awesome cartoon of corporal punishment metered out on a daughter's tender, bare white botty by a strict, caring mother with a stinging strap OTK (Zekel's cartoon posted on your fabulous Blog, May 31)

Veronica, I will be 60 next year already. My daughters are now early 30s, so it is a long time since I gave them bare bottom chastisement when necessary in their childhoods, as a loving mother. No time outs or PC necessary back then !!!

Veronica, check out again, the wonderful video from earlier this year: Miss Elizabeth punishing her two daughters in Cheerleader Spankings, "Two Little Thieves". I love the conservative, stern scolding of these lil' madams and the quivering, bare, white botties gotten reddened with the brush ! I love the scene where Rachel Adams faces mom, bottom facing the camera, as Miss Elizabeth pull down her yellow knickers for the "alabaster-white botty reveal".

And as you know, I always think of my lil' sister getting her fairest-white, bum bared for a switching by mom as a naughty child back home in Georgia in the 1960s. Never forget !
Hugs spanks and thanks, Veronica.
Strict Mommy Brenda xx