Saturday, August 4, 2018

Saturday morning cartoons...

... and the Sunday funnies. :)


Pygophilous1 said...


One Punch Man rules. Can't wait for season 2.

Anonymous said...

The big brother is spanking his lil brother for naughtiness ,best spanks from Tim , hello Brenda.

Anonymous said...

Last cartoon HP COMIC ...."Nooooo ! Not the Panties Mom. Purleeeeeeeeesssee !"

"Yes, and the panties, my girl. It's the only way !"

Veronica, the panties up or down debate never existed. Not when I was a 1950s-born child. And not when I was a 1980s mom raising two daughters already !

Love the purple hair Veronica. Like mother, like daughter. Soooo fetching and Fabulous.
And a loving mother's chastisement on a tender, bare bottom is gonna take place any moment. And not before time !

Why is mommy hesitating, Veronica ? She pulled down her daughter's white leggings, already. Did the white cotton panties misbehave already ? No they did not !

I always sooooo love the art where a smartly dressed naughty daughter (back from Church, maybe ?) is gong to get spanked with a smart hat remaining in-situ on her head, but her panties will sadly not remain in-situ on her fairy-soft botty. Boo-Hoo ! :-(
Down they must come for a mother's fair chastisement. The paradox of a wearing smart hat but no panties for a spanking, underlines the very strict, cute but sober, conservative, Christian values and social mores and "harsh", formal family values that I gotten raised with in the early 1960s. A staunch belief in corporal punishment (on a bare backside from my parents for my younger sister and me) was a normal part of those domestic values.

I recommend that this lovely mommy go fetch herself a hickory stick or better still, a flexible, thin rattan cane, (the switch) from the store....especially designed for causing harmless, but stern, loving, serious bad discomfort upon the most-tender-of-tender, alabaster-white skin, found covering the chubby, bare botties of naughty, recalcitrant daughters ! Back at home in the 1960s, our mom purchased such a dreaded, thin cane when I was a tender brat of just eight years' old !! And my sister and me gotten strongly raised with it over our childhood..."the rod of correction", already ! It sure worked Veronica. Oh my we feared it and felt it on our bare bums over the years !

This HP Comic purple-haired bratty daughter is gonna get it now Veronica. I recommend mommy tells her daughter to put her hands on her head and scolds her. Then in a swift, , purposeful defining moment she pulls her leggings and panties down to her knees (together, with one big tug). This is how I gotten bared by mom. The "breeze on the exposed botty" moment is scary and powerful. The daughter realizes she has been a very naughty young lady and will now face the punishment.

Mommy spanks with love...she takes her firmly across the knee and raises her dress to expose the unprotected, pale, bare target. Mommy then lets the rattan cane "dance" across the sensitive, alabaster-white skin of her daughter's bare buttocks with plenty of light, whippy, stinging flicks...a lot. Naughty bottoms are supposed to sting, as my mother used to say.

No need to count. No need to stop mom ! And ignoring lil' missy's screams as the tender, chubby "place provided by God for spanking" turns bright scarlet. Mom's repeated countless, light flicks and strokes of the switch will give the required "botty burn" and will ensure a proper, good snacked bottom for a naughty daughter. Job done.

After, just let the crying, defeated girl stand up. Pull her panties and leggings back up over her blazing red behind. Smarten-down her dress again. Give a hug and then let her do the switchy-dance, blubbering and botty rub. Mother's chastisement is over already !
Veronica, that's how I was punished as a child. And that is how I punished my own two daughters long ago, they're now in their early 30s...left-home, married and fully recovered ha-ha ! CP sure licked us all into shape.
Thank you for your fabulous Blog, Veronica.
Strict, loving Mommy Brenda xx