Saturday, August 25, 2018

Saturday morning cartoons...

 ... and the Sunday funnies. :)


Tim . said...

The hairbrushy is being used by their Mummies and big sis on their botties for naughtiness we gather ,best spanks from Tim to you Veronica , hello Brenda .

Anonymous said...

Cartoon 6 "Happy New Year"...Oh my ! How unbearably, cute and cuddly. Boo-Hoo. Soooo sad :-(
A poor, soft, chubby-lil' botty gotten all red n sore. Is this mommy a real meany, Veronica ?!
Is this Ol' fashioned punishment (aka a panties down spanking) really necessary for this tender-skinned princess ?

Mommy passes sentence and approves the hornets nest for her lil' girl....Soooo love cartoon 6, Veronica. Soooooo cute, just too sweet and sugary-conservative and stern already !
A very soft, pinky, sweet context with a harsh swarm of bees landing on the bare botty !! Delivered by a lovely mommy who is very cross ! Love mom's red hand, the lil' brat's cutey bunches and her chastised, red buttocks (awe,poor thing, Veronica...she gotten sore skin form "the rod" already...way to go mom !)

This sure is spanking with love. Mommy is kind but serious about home discipline. She advocates that an unbearable stinging bum is a good lesson which will stop her lil' daughter from getting into trouble when she is older and stops her childish ways. Mommy passes sentence, takes hold of her lil' girl over hr knee, and pulls down soft pair of white panties and raises a pretty pink dress to expose the soft tender skin of a naughty, bare, cotton-white botty for punishment. Mommy will administer a very strict, burning and well deserved hard, loving spanking on the sensitive -skinned place provided by God...harmless but salutary.

Born in 1959, my childhood was very much in this context of cartoon 6, Veronica. Very sugary-sweet, too cute and conservative, with a bunch of Christian values and teachings. Cheerleading, Church, Bible Classes, outdoor sports and cookies .....and the smack of the hard nasty thin, flexible cane ("the switch") across my bare buttocks when I gotten bad as a child !!! My sister was punished the same, naturally. It was at once traumatic and wonderful...and so normal for a conservative, Southern Belle Princess in the South.

That juxtaposition in our house of traditional, conservative values, firm corporal punishment (on a bare bum !!!) and soft, loving, cute n sweet, suburban living and Christian teachings was typical of the early 1960s in my Atlanta neighborhood. And that context has always fascinated me growing up into adulthood (and ever since) and has been imprinted on my mind ever since, as you well know Veronica....which is naturally why I raised my own two 1980s- born girls in a similar environment. Spanking is just part of growing up Veronica.

And yes, isn't cartoon 1 fabulous already, Veronica ? Great art.
Mommy doing her duty with gusto ! I so approve. What a lovely, kind and considerate super-hero she is. Poor mommy. The lil' daughter-brat drove her crazy already. Buy mommy knew how to handle the situation, Veronica. Daughter is learning her lesson already ! :-)

Love the firm arm hold, experienced mommies know that there is no need to allow the spare arm and hand from hindering the hornets nest from successfully landing on and taking firm ownership of the lily white, sensitive bare botty surface-skin ! Where all the skin receptors lie ! That it is why the panties are no longer in situ, Veronica ! That is a spanking, period !

I gotten very familiar with that situation as a mother in days of yore, as my two daughters (now grown up, early 30s) will strongly verify...with rueful nostalgia, I hope !! Oh my !
Ditto cartoons 2 and 3, Veronica. How wonderful is this selection of great art. Thank you !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx