Monday, August 6, 2018

Yes... Another "rub my ass" moment!

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Anonymous said...

You are soooo lovely and lush, Veronica. :-)
Just look at your lovely, sore botty. Oh my !!
You do drive my hubby wild already !

Love that strategically placed chair. Naughty lil' daughter, Veronica, just gotten her bare ass spanked by Father Tony's belt. That is the punishment - a good, Ol' Southern Strapping to enforce right from wrong is the only way in this strict, loving Texan house.

Talkin' of father/daughter confrontations, Veronica, check out AAA Spankings as Elori gotten caned by daddy. Very realistic. Oh my ! That harsh, raw, unmistakable, scary sound of the thwip-thwack-smack of a nasty, rattan cane on soft, bare botty skin always instills powerful childhood CP memories for me :-(
Although it was our mother (not dad) who caned our bare bums for sister and me back at home in 1960s Georgia. Oh my ! Great video already.
Wonderful photo of you Veronica - starts the week swell xx
Strict Mommy Brenda xx