Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday's Spankable

School peer pressure must be dealt with ASAP!

These three young ladies are late again for school... they were warned!

"Waiting for daddy to strap my behind!"

Melissa was told to get into position for daddy's discipline. 

Birds eye view across daddy's lap!

"Make your own fuckin' breakfast!"

Smile and have a spanktastic weekend. :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Photo 1 - Catch Ya...Spank Ya !!

Those precocious, lil' tender-bottomed daughters ( 3 & 4) Michelle and Melissa, are sooooo mindful on the bed, that they're gonna feel the smack of father's razor strap across their bare, white buttocks. Nothing new here, Veronica. That's how they gotten raised since year dot !
They still live at home. They must abide by Papa's rules. If they do the crime then they do the time on their bare, whiter-than-white botties. Oh my for sure ! Same as it ever was. Snow White to Rose Red. Never too old for a good whuppin', Veronica. Never too old !

Number 6 "Fuckin' Breakfast"...if I dare spoke to my hubby like that, Veronica, I would expect him to skin my bare bum alive with a wooden spoon. Now there's an idea already ha-ha. Kitchens are sooooo dangerous places !

Final photo - Oh my ! Oh my !
The seat of Learning ? That is the place where the hornets nest gotten administered, Veronica :-)
The place provided for the "rod of correction".
A special round, soft, chubby, well-padded place designed by God and Nature and covered in the fairest, sensitive, velvet skin; which in its natural bare state (over the knee !!) provides the intended place for loving discipline ...aka a good, bad whooping ! :-)

Like many naughty lil' girls of my age (I'm only 60 next year, Veronica ha-ha) I did not first discover this over my hubby's knee , Boo-Hoo. Oh noooo ! I sadly gotten to discover it over my mother's knee in 1963 when she grabbed that darn, blessed wooden spoon. Oucheeees ! That's just life already eh ?!
Strict Mommy Brenda xx