Saturday, September 8, 2018

Saturday morning cartoons...

 ... and the Sunday funnies. :)

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Anonymous said...

Spanking with love on the tender, seat of learning - Cartoon one is sooooooo cute, Veronica.

You really gotten me into the Japanese spanking genre over these past few years already. I see wonderful parallels with the strict, Southern moms of Georgia when I was a child...and when I was a mother raising my own two daughters.

Boo-Hoo ! Awe this poor lil' might getting her pale, chubby fairy-sensitive botty skinned by her angry mother ! Is this really necessary Veronica :-)
It sure is !!
Her naughty botty seems to be trembling and stinging - love the artistic lines and accents. And the facial expressions from a super-hero mother and naughty ll' daughter (who sure is feeling the hornets nest) the arm/hand movements. A well smacked bottom, Veronica. Something both me and my daughters gotten used to, growing up. Oh my ! In the 1960s and 1980s/90s respectively.

For lil' Ol' me, as a 1950s born Southern belle raised in a strict, loving Christina family in Atlanta, I soooo love these super-strict, super-conservative, super-loving mother/daughter bare bottom spanking cartoons Veronica. It is the story of my life and a great, factual antidote to PC ! I remind my hubby, this is reality !

Veronica, check out a wonderful animation by Japanese artist, Kitora, on his now, rather old, Tiger Reverie site. It was early pioneering content on the internet. Link is

This short animation is called apple eating and a naughty daughter is caned over her father's knee... bare botty and all ! Oh my ! It is the first scene on the Animation/Flash section. Very memorable for me as a child raised with CP and caning.

I cannot translate the Japanese , but a naughty lil' girl is very rude to her father. He fetches the spanky-stick and takes her over his knee. Panties are pulled off and a bare white botty gotten gotten whooped appropriately in a stern, loving capacity. I so approve and I gotten punished exactly this way as a child in the mom's dreaded, much-feared, rattan cane to my bare botty..."a switching".
And naturally,I sooooo gotten to love this lovely, skillful animation. A real favorite for me. And there are other great mommy/daughter animations too on the Flash section.

On that first father/daughter one, I love the blue tears, red lines on the sensitive skin, arm flinging back in protection, hugs usual corporal punishment facts. Very memorable for me.

Veronica, as a strict, loving mother blessed with two daughters (mid 1980s) I do so really like the series by artist, Salalo, called "After Curfew "... which you can Google or find on

Oh my ! Another fave for me. The first and second pictures (Oh my, picture 2 !) and the whole scene of 9 pictures, accurately portrays the strict, loving family values and consequences (!!) that I enforced for my girls growing up in the 1980s/90s. Bare botties gotten on show for mommy-approved discipline, Veronica. No PC required. They are early 30s now.
A stinging bottom does no harm Veronica - sure licked me into shape already.

Love this very cute but very stern domestic CP and mother/daughter spanking art here on your Saturday cartons. Just a normal part of life for me.
Naughty Nostalgic Daughter and Strict, Loving Mother Brenda xx