Monday, November 19, 2018

My hubby took me over his knee......

...and I love him for doing so. :)


Eric-Nyc said...

Lucky Hubby. :)

Anonymous said...

Looking gorgeous as always Veronica.
You gotten spanked with love. And you love to be spanked.

A sound, bare bottom spanking is part of life, Veronica. I accepted that many decades ago. Oh my ! It will teach you life-long lessons and an unbearable stinging boty now is harmless already; and sure will stop you getting into trouble when you gotten older and responsible, young lady !
Sure licked me into shape over the years. Oh my !
Now Rub Rub your sore-botty-red-ass and run along to your room at once like a good, lil' girl. Do you hear ?!
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Veronica gotten a strapping !

Veronica, check out today, Northern Spanking, "Borstal Girls: A Duty to Society".
Fabulous trailer of two girls who gotten their bare botties strapped as part of authoritarian punishment. We so need this from our hubbies right now ! I am nearly 60 and I behave like a naughty child and so I sure deserve the same punishment I gotten as a child ?!

These naughty missies here gotten sentenced to a young offender's institute (called Borstal in the UK of old). Although the film does possess the cosy, paternal feeling of a father punishing his two daughters at home with the strap on their bare white bottoms. I love the strict, conservative, harsh but also redemptive quality of this film. Cute but stern in the tradition of corporal punishment that I admire and have experienced.

"Spare the rod spoil the child" - So did these girls parents not tan their daughters' bare backsides when they were misbehaving when growing up on this Northern Spanking film ? I sure raised my own two daughters like this. Not with the strap. I used a rubber spatula and hairbrush in early years and then the flexible rattan cane (Southern style switch). Applied to their bare bottoms every time. Harsh but fair. And they ended up at University Veronica, not a young offender's institute already ! A stinging botty sure does no harm and stops you getting into trouble when you gotten older.

My sister and me gotten raised with the same as a child in the 1960s, with mom's rattan switch across our bare bums. OMG !! Stung like hell !!! CP was routine in our religious family. No young offenders institutes needed for us either ?!!
Just sayin' Veronica. Just sayin' !!!! :-)
Strict hugs and spanks.
Strict 1980s Mom Brenda xx