Sunday, January 20, 2019

Can't sit down Sunday...

A bedtime bottom warming...

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Anonymous said...

"What exactly is a naughty step daddy ?", said Naughty Lil' Veronica.

"Never you mind young lady. You're sure never gonna see one of those", said Papa Tony, (stern voice), whisking his naughty princess away after her potty-mouthed tirade at Church"...daddy was real mad.

Oh my ! Look at your lovey legs & botty, Veronica :-)
And the fairest, sensitive surface gotten some nice rouge already.
Love the angle of second photo. Very artistic, as always.

Check Cheerleader Spankings right now, Veronica. Naughty lil' cutey-brat Maddy Marks and her chubby, alabaster-white hiney gotten the special, tender loving skin care treatment from Mommy Miss Bernadette. "Yes they are coming down so you can really feel my hard hand"...talking about those lovely, soft, cotton, green knickers covering her naughty, plump botty-bots. A fab green sports outfit already. And the panties sure come down Veronica, for a sound whooping on the lily-white bare. Miss Bernadette is just too scary and convincing. Gulp !

So love the strict, cute, conservative Ol' fashioned context of this trailer, "Maddy Spanked & Paddled". Oh so familiar. As I have always fondly & nostalgically said for decades: Church, Cheerleaders, Bible Classes and bare bottom spankings were a sure sign of a normal upbringing in my 1960s small suburb of Atlanta.
Strict Mommy Brenda xx