Friday, January 11, 2019

Friday's Spankable

Have a spanktastic weekend.. :)


Red said...

delightful photos
bottoms up

Tim . said...

Cute girls , cute botties, best spanks Veronica from , Tim ,hello Brenda.

Anonymous said...

Love girl number 4: high heels, pretty top, red panties and cute tan lines defining her soft, magnolia hiney. And when that fairest skin on her botty matches her panties, then a loving mother's chastisement is done Veronica !

I think girl number 5 with her hat & tattoos could give our bare bottoms a good tanning, Veronica. She looks a no-nonsense Madame already ;-)

Girl 8 in the kitchen, again, nice feint tan lines delineating her fairest of soft Southern botties awaiting father's strap. Same as it ever was. That was her childhood punishment - "a good strap to the bare backside my girl !". Never too old, Veronica. I gotten raised in that strict spirit (normal in most families) of corporal punishment.

And that same gorgeous girl in photo 9 (second from last) ...bathroom blues & reds. Veronica, I recall coming home from work late 1980s/90s (I worked full time in a large corporation) to find my misbehaving daughters at bath time. My hubby was not a spanker, unlike my mother who was naturally very strict with my girls with her wooden spoon !
So hubby would say, wait until mommy comes home !

I was tired. I was exasperated (so was my hubby). I was furious. I gotten a temper. My girls had gotten to throw tantrums all day.
Snow White to Rose Red - So two girls gotten hauled right out of the bath/shower already.
Yes Veronica, the firm but loving application of the wooden hairbrush or wooden spoon upon the wet, bare, sensitive alabaster-white skin on their chubby lil' bottoms was necessary & salutary. The noise was totemic, loud resounding smacks and princess wailing. A mother's chastisement is kind but darn fierce Veronica. What ever my daughters done, they did not do it again already for some time !!
I delivered to my naughty girls, two very red & sore, unbearable stinging botties and I gotten all calm and cathartic again. Peace at last for mommy . Oh my ! Back to work again the next day...
Strict Mom Brenda xx