Thursday, January 31, 2019

Super Thursday Presents: "The Sheriff"

Veronica heard a heavy knock at her front door and wondered who could it be? It was only eight o'clock in the morning and she wasn't expecting any visitors before going to work. As she opened the door she was firmly greeted by a man wearing Levi jeans with a buttoned up shirt and a cowboy hat. He flashed a five pointed star badge that had sheriff written on it and asked "Do you know who I am little lady?"  He entered the house and asked Veronica to have a seat then he said with a confident voice. "I'm Sheriff Burke and I have a warrant out for your arrest!" "WHAT!!! How can that be, I haven't done anything wrong!" Veronica shouted back. "Check the email sent to you by the county last week, you owe hundreds of dollars from unpaid parking tickets which you received over the last five years. Also, the warrant was emailed to you this morning" said the sheriff. Veronica quickly took out her iPad and saw for her own two eyes that the sheriff was not lying. She knew darn well that every time she got a ticket for an expired meter she would toss it in the trash without a care. Veronica looked up at the sheriff, he was an older man but quite handsome she thought. He had a square jaw and big brown eyes, he was around her fathers age. Veronica also knows that Sheriff Burke is the richest man in the county, besides law enforcement he is also an oil tycoon. "Wow, it says I owe $50,000 and if I can't pay it I'll spend up to ten years in jail" Veronica sobbed. "You know," Sheriff Burke barked, "if I was your daddy I'd turn you over my knee and give you the Texas tanning of your life! But I'm not your daddy and it's obvious you don't have the funds to pay so let's go to the county lock up. You'll see the judge tomorrow morning." "Omigosh, did he just threaten to spank me?" Veronica's mind was working overtime to get herself out of this mess. "I'll take the spanking" she said. "Listen young lady, I never said I would spank you, only if you were my daughter but you're not my daughter and I'm not going to get caught up in some sort of scandal so let's go." said the sheriff. "Please sir" she begged. "I just can't go to jail." "I'll tell you what" said the sheriff. "I'll pay the $50,000 fine with my own money and you can slowly pay me back but I'm going to tan your bottom right here and now! This isn't going to be some sexy spanking your boyfriend gives you. I'm going to take you across my lap, pull down your panties and paddle you raw with a solid wooden hairbrush, NOW FETCH ME A BRUSH" he shouted. Veronica's mouth dropped as she heard her sentence. She enjoys getting spanked by Tom, her boy-toy, but he just slaps her ass while fucking her doggy style. She never received a "REAL" spanking. That's about to change and she knew it!!!!!

Sheriff Burke had a warrant out for Veronica's arrest.

Veronica finds out that she has over ten unpaid parking tickets.

She carefully reads the warrant notice on her iPad.

"If you were my daughter I'd turn you across my knee for a Texas tanning" shouts Sheriff Burke!

Veronica knowing she has no money and doesn't want to go to jail, begs for a spanking.

The Sheriff grants her wish...

Over his knee she goes like a small child.

Veronica prepares herself.

Let the tanning begin!!!

Sheer panties offer very little protection.

Veronica starts to feel some serious burning on her bottom. 

Time for a bare bottom spanking!

Veronica kicked up a storm but the sheriff just kept spanking.

Veronica began to sob... this wasn't the sexy spanking she gets from her boyfriend. :(

Veronica hold on for dear life as he continues to spank.

The spanking is over and she whimpers like a child.

We'll consider her debt paid for now. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my ! Oh my ! Oh my !...Oh my !

...Oh my !

"I'll buy that for a dollar"...$50,000 :-)

I am going into town already, Veronica remove my hubby from the joint bank account. Otherwise he'll sure be offering you $50,000 (open credit line) to spank your bare bottom.
For sure, I don't blame him.
....But I wanted first refusal.
I mean, to offer you the loan myself ;-)
I'll be back later...
Strict Mommy Brenda xx
@Last Chance Saloon

Christian Insolite said...

nice collection? it is your personal picture or I can use them on my blog?
my blog here

OldFashionGirl said...

@Christian... if they are watermarked with OldFashionedGirl or OFG they are my personal pics, however, you may re-post on your blog. xo

OldFashionGirl said...

I also added your blog to my blogroll.. :)

Pygophilous1 said...

Raging hot!