Sunday, February 10, 2019

Can't sit down Sunday... :(

"Daddy I got a three day suspension today."

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Anonymous said...

Ha-Ha how funny :-) But your sure deserve this spontaneous spanking already. Awesome post, Three photos tell a thousand words.
Love your right arm raised here, Veronica. Is this a desperate intervention ?
A naughty lil' girl's rebellious protest ?
Are you trying to protect your uncomfortable botty surface from Papa's chastisement ?
It's no use raising a White Flag, young lady - you're gotten get a real bad whoopy-ass !
Just desserts gotten served here today.

"Noooo ! I'm sorreeeee daddeeee ! Boo-Hoo. Purleeeease. Boo-Hoo. It stings sooooo bad. My poor Botteeeeee. Aaggghhh. Not fair ! Boo-Hoo "

...said our Naughty Lil' Girl Next Door, Veronica Texas, raising her right hand in defence & defiance already !

"Put your hand down at once, young lady !!", said strict Father Tony. He was real mad.
"I know it stings. It is supposed to sting. And it will sting a lot more when I have finished with you, my girl. Have yourself a good Texas whuppin ".

"Yes, I pulled down your panties. It's the only way madam - for it sure was not your panties that misbehaved Veronica...and I only just gotten started on skelping the skin off your fairest, bare hiney a good'un, missy. We are in no rush here for sure !!"

You also need a spanking from mommy too, Veronica :-) Oh my ! So check out Momma Spankings today: "Adriana in Trouble". Lovely kind mommy, Miss Rachel, is soooo mad at her daughter. And so naughty Adriana's tan lines and lily-white, fairy-soft botty cheeks gotten exposed and tanned across mom's knee in the traditional, appropriate fashion. Miss Rachel's scolding & fierce, kind attitude reminds me of being across my mother's knee back in the day.

This trailer is too realistic, cute and scary already. There sure is no fake news at Momma Spankings, Veronica. Just proper domestic justice.
Would love to see poor lil' you across Mommy Miss Rachel's knee, Veronica, with your chubby, soft botty-bots so very bare and sore. Boo-Hoo :-( xx
Strict Mommy Brenda xx