Friday, February 8, 2019

Friday's Spankable

British schoolgirls ROCK!

Daddy's princess was a very naughty girl.. :)

Selfie intended for other man but sent to hubby... Oooops!

Selfie meant for boyfriend but sent to daddy... Oooops!

Mom threatens to spank children, daddy threatens to spank mom.. :)

"What do you mean you're going to spank me?!?"

She better have a fever...

Smile and have a spanktastic weekend :)


Anonymous said...

Where did you find that gif (5th from the top)?? It it from a movie?


Anonymous said...

"Mom threatens to spank children" photo 6: For sure that is me in the early 1990s Veronica. I gotten real mad already, and I am telling my two young daughters that they will be getting a few good taps of my lil' cane on their bare bottoms as soon as I get them home ! For sure there tears all the way home. But that was the (only !) punishment in our house for tantrums and terrible attitude in the mall. They ruined my day already, so they gotten a good bare bum switching with their shorts & underwear pulled down to their knees in the living room. As a mother, I did not suffer timeouts & naughty steps, Veronica !

Yes I was the bad mommy-cop as you now Veronica. My hubby did not spank our girls. I was the kind, loving strict, botty-smacker in chief. A strict, Southern style mom, like my own mom !!

And bathroom blues, photos 3 & 4, reminds me of times when I returned home tired & exhausted from working hard all day (in a big corporation), only to find my two naughty lil' daughters goofing around in the bath, misbehaved all day, driving my poor (non-spanking !) hubby crazy. Let me say that the very wet, very tender, alabaster-white skin on their botties was not spared by yours truly. Oh my No ! They gotten punished exactly like I gotten punished by my mother back in the day.

And so the large, wooden hairbrush was rapidly applied "machine-gun smacking style" with gusto ! And when that fairest-skinned, special, chubby place provided by God for a mother's loving chastisement with the "rod" was bright scarlet-sore...mommy finally gotten to calm down and enjoy her well-deserved evening peace, with her two naughty girls sent to bent at once, with the "hornets nest" raging on their tender, red behinds under their cotton jammies. I experienced catharsis, Veronica. Job gotten done !

My girls are now in their 30s and their botties have long-since recovered and I am for sure less stressed as a mom, now age 60. Southern family values endure, Veronica.
Strict Mommy Brenda xx