Saturday, February 9, 2019

Saturday morning cartoons...

 ... and the Sunday funnies. :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh my ! Oh my ! This could be my favourite drawing on your blog, Veronica ? (cartoon 10)

The Seat of Learning - Vintage, colourful, French-style damsel in distress gotten whipped bare-ass across mother's knee.
This would sure adorn the front cover of my Memoirs :-)
Oh my ! Yes, the hornets nest (mother's cane) sure stings the bare botty skin, Veronica ! I can so relate to this from my 60s childhood. "Your backside needs a switching Brenda". Gulp :-(

"Boo-Hoo Mommy, it stings so bad. Why do you whip my bare botty like so when I gotten naughty ?!", said the precocious but very precious lil' princes-belle.

"Because an unbearable stinging bottom right now is harmless and will stop you getting into trouble when you gotten older, young lady" , said mom.

"Yes bare botties on show for sure", said mom. "It is the only way naughty lil' girls deserve the cane. And it was not your thick, comfy, Southern-princess-belle dress, or your thick, comfy, Southern-princess-belle petticoat, or your thick, comfy, Southern- princess- belle slip, or your thick, comfy, Southern- princess-belle, cotton white bloomers THAT MISBEHAVED, my girl. Oh my ! Oh my ! It sure was not "

Strict, loving, Ol' fashioned mommies punish daughters on their bare-skinned bottoms, Veronica !
And I soooo love the way her pretty hat is in situ covering her head, but those Southern princess-belle clothes are not in-situ. And are no longer covering her alabaster-white sensitive backside across mom's knee feeling the switch. Exactly how I gotten it as a child !

Cartoon 2 - wonderfully stern, kind strict, sugar-sweet spanking scene with serious undertones of CP. We all love the strict re-assurance that Elle's father spanks her bare bottom :-)
But we strongly support "Aunty's" decision to administer firm, mommy-approved discipline in a spontaneous love the "fingers and thumbs to the waistband" of the lil' cutey-pie cotton panties. One tug needed Veronica...they sure are coming down already, for a well-deserved, nasty hard spanking on the tender, bare, white botty-bots.
Elle's rebellious arm-fold & defiance crumbles as the last line of clothing-fabric (aka the panties protection & defence) is pulled down in the required fashion for a mother's chastisement. Nooooo !

"Now stop struggling & let me pull them down" :-)
Spanking with love in action, Veronica.
Oh my ! So naughty lil' Elle gotten her just desserts already...along with Elize, who is all sooo cute with her lil' ribbons & botty burn across mother's knee where she belongs.

Cartoon 4 - Spanking with Love: like mother like daughter. Oh my ! What a cute narrative. I so agree Veronica. Mommy's tender loving care and special skin treatment duly applied !
Lessons are best learned over a bare bottom over her mom's knee...and then teaches her own daughter the same lessons. I can sure relate to that. The hornets nest is building nicely on a sensitive-skinned bare seat already. Watch those arms unfold, Veronica ?
Boo-Hoo. Awe, God Bless this poor lil' mite :-)

Cartoon 8 - Don't spare the rod ! Bend over missy... Whack ! WAAAH ! Oh my ! Did this naughty lil' girl gotten to feel the smack of the cane on her bare behind, growing up right here, Veronica ? I sure hope so. Coz I sure darn did in the 1960s !!
No wishy-washy PC required Veronica ?!!
Mommy fetches the rattan spanky-stick, down come her cutey-lil' brown shorts and her cutey, cotton, pink panties. Boo-Hoo. Whack ! WAAAH ! Stingy bad botty guaranteed. Bless you ! Job done mommy !!!

A bunch of wonderful, kind but strict, no-nonsense mommies today, thank you, Veronica. No fairest-white snowflakes botties gotten harmed in the raising of these precious lil brats !

Strict Mommy Brenda xx