Friday, March 15, 2019

Friday's Spankable

Smile and have a spanktastic weekend.. :)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful selection as always, Veronica.
The Pillow Fight...

Do you remember pillow fights, Veronica ? And the consequences of your actions (on a bare backside) ? Oh my !

Check out a great, black n white, vintage-style trailer called, The Pillow Fight" (ha-ha) now on, posted by Dutch sev_verest.

Oh my ! A poor, exasperated father sits calmly relaxing, while his two naughty daughters gotten a big pillow fight going on. After a while, his patience runs out. He fetches the bath brush and storms in. He places the girls over the head board. The voices of the girls are heard, but dad is silent, only sub-titles are provided...dramatically.

Father then makes some essential adjustment to their jammies (!!) and then gives them twenty hard smacks with the brush. The sting on their bare botties is obvious. The daughters squirm and squawk a bunch - they are clearly in serious but well-deserved discomfort - as the resounding smacks on bare skin suggest. Oh my ! I love the first nightdress raised and white cotton panties pulled down. And then the jammies pulled down on daughter two to expose the lily white target. His daughters are good as gold and off to sleep in no time already after that kind botty-whooping. Dad is such a hero.

I am reminded by this trailer, of when my daughters were young and refusing to go to sleep. I had worked all day as a full-time mother, working hard in a big corporation. I was mad and exhausted. I was always fair and kind. So Veronica, I fetched my lil' cane and stormed upstairs (amidst lots of protests and boo-hoos)
And yes, for sure their cotton, pajama bottoms then gotten suitably adjusted (my normal routine) to ensure the message gotten felt on their backsides to the absolute maximum possible !!!... no half-measures from myself on this issue (And I always gotten whooped bare bum, the same as a child !)

And so my girls learned a stern lesson in bedtime silence. They then slept like good lil' angels. Working as a mom sure made me tolerate no-nonsense from my girls Veronica. Spankings happened a lot. We laugh about it harm gotten done. Just good behaviour installed ! Oh my ! It was a long time ago. As you know I'm still working now at age 60. Never tool old for working, or spanking !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Tim . said...

Cute girls , cute botties , best spanks from Tim V. and Brenda.