Monday, April 22, 2019

Schoolgirl discipline...


Anonymous said...

This girls bottom is being made ripe
for a caning she no doubt deserves

Anonymous said...

She gotten her clothed bottom spanked by her teacher at school, and her unclothed bottom spanked by her strict father at home. Those were the rules...until now.

Veronica, her soft-skinned, lily-white, pouty-botty provides a suitable, sensitive & safe place for chastisement with say, a whippy, thin cane ? A stinging bottom is harmless but salutary.

My hubby strongly agrees but I first discovered this fact myself across my mother's knee in the 1960s. I also raised my two daughters with the same traditional family values & Southern reasoning.

My God-fearing mother used to say that School was for learning and home was for spanking !
School rules were different to my mother's Christian-based home rules. My mother was not an advocate of CP in schools, (that might seem surprising already) but Oh my ! If my sister and me gotten to tell lies or misbehave then we gotten our dresses hoisted & our panties pulled down for a good, whuppin' with the rattan spanky-stick. We gotten our pale, bare botties whipped red-sore in front of God in the living room. And then we gotten sent to our rooms. And the Church strongly advocated his chastisement, Veronica. Sure licked me into shape over my childhood.

And this young lady here sure gotten the same punishment at home from her momma or papa.
What's with the green pen already ?!
Strict Mommy Brenda xx