Sunday, May 19, 2019

Can't sit down Sunday... :(

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Anonymous said...

Bratitude Adjustment... Looking so lush & gorgeous, Girl - love you to bits xx

Veronica, young lady, have you been bad ? If so, Papi Tony will have to strictly but kindly spank the bare, snow white skin on your sensitive botty good n proper, until the bright stingy redness matches your dress and your lippy ha-ha. You gotten spanked for being lippy !

Veronica, do check out a fabulous, new trailer on Northern Spanking, "On the bottom". Oh my ! Oh my ! This is one of my faves. Sure brings back memories of Southern CP & the context includes a wood shed already...OK, a wood cabin (my bad)

Oh my ! Those impossible daughters Harley Havik (so love HH) & Linny Lace have gotten their big, round bubble-botties in serious trouble. Panties will be falling, sadly :-)
Super, authentic father/daughter punishment ensues...

See the two naughty lil' madams' large, bare, chubby-soft buttocks revealed & wobble in discomfort, like strawberry jelly; as Papa's Southern strap stings their velvety-pale surfaces provided by God for admonishment, as they bend over the cabinet, with their conservative clothing adjusted for a salutary lesson !

The girls' lovely pastel blue and canary yellow dresses, and their pretty cotton panties amplify the sugary-sweet, ferociously-cute, strict-conservative scenario. Their petticoats also add a traditional, Ol' fashioned touch.

In "trailer one": see Harley's large, bouncing, lily white botty get smacked over daddy's knee, framed by her polka dot dress & polka dot knickers. She wails and blubbers like a naughty lil' one. She is sooo the cute, naughty daughter - as we gotten to see a bunch in Strictmoor Academy with her super performances and alabaster-white, bubble-butt whoopings.

These authentic films from Northern S. actually sting my ass & bring back my childhood memories of harsh whoopings in 1960s Georgia...that is, apart from Paul Kennedy's English accent, already. Oh my !!

Veronica - I would sure love to see you join these two missies along with that fairy-skinned, big-bottomed-brat, Luci Lovett, for some tickle -tail with the cane ( lil' cane !!) Exactly what you deserve !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx